Sistema Capital Partners is a Sistema-backed international private equity platform. It invests Sistema’s own capital in domestic and international markets while also acting for institutional and high-net-worth co-investors from around the world


Sistema established the Sistema Capital Partners platform out of existing assets and the successful principal investing track record of its team. From its headquarters in Luxembourg, Sistema Capital Partners aims to grow and diversify Sistema’s international portfolio while opening-up the platform to like-minded, co-investors who share its investment philosophy.

Since 2009 our team of investment professionals has successfully handled cross-border investments in and out of Russia on behalf of Sistema and western institutional investors including through Luxembourg regulated funds.

Sistema is the largest publicly traded diversified holding company in Russia and the CIS with c. USD 19 billion in assets under management. Sistema is listed on the London and Moscow stock exchanges. It has been the preferred partner for institutional foreign capital investing in Russia for 25 years and is one of the most successful Russian private equity investors in telecoms, energy, healthcare, real estate and agriculture.